Instagram PC

Instagram in a great app that is used to edit photos, add all kinds of special effects and share your pictures with your friends online at Twitter, Facebook, Flicker with a flick of your finger! Instagram was made especially for iPhone, and is not available in Blackberry, PC or Android. While Instagram is hands down maybe the best app for editing and tweaking pictures, you can also enjoy some Instagram PC alternatives.


Webstagram is a very popular website which is based on Instagram and does an excellent job in sharing your photos in virtually any form or service you want. You can create your own Webstagram URL feed to share your own pictures with other people who don’t use Instagram, follow other people who upload cool pictures regularly and share it across other social media networks. You can login to Webstagram using your Instagram user, and enjoy Instagram on PC!


Very similarly to Instagram, Inkstagram presents your photos in a personal feed which resembles a grid format like the original app. You can also edit and change pictures, follow other people and browse other images all in your computer.


Gramfeed has a cool twist that allows you to see where the photo was taken, and show it in a map. Much like Webstagram and Inkstagram, you can see your images in a grid format, browse people’s picture feeds, share your own by creating a feed URL and of course view thousands of cool photos every day!


Another cool web based service that allows you to share you pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Hyves and Google Plus. You can simply upload your pictures and edit them right away, no need to make a user or pay anything. If you want to share them, you have to link your account to InstantRetro and then the sky is the limit. You can tweak your pictures to have a vintage look and temper with them in all kinds of cool ways. You can of course keep them private or share them in your own feed with the world!