Instagram Help

Instagram is one of the coolest photo sharing apps ever made for mobile devices. Millions of users were pleased with this app because of many fun things you can do with your images. This app consist a set of fifteen retro photo filters which you can apply to a certain image. For those users who have problems using this app, Instagram Help will support you to fix those errors. Instagram Help provides possible solution to Instagram common errors. So if you are looking for best solutions to fix errors, you come to the right place. Scan and read below to determine possible answers or solutions.

Here are common errors from Instagram users:

If you encounter things like filter doesn’t apply when using Lux on a photo, it is recommended that you should tap the same filter again if you need to go back to the filters screen when posting a photo that uses both Lux and a filter. This error happens when you apply both the Lux effect and a filter to your photo, tap the green checkmark or tap the back button to go back to the Filters screen. These things must be avoided.

If you cannot find or see captions on photos, then update it to the latest version. It is available in the App Store.

If photos are not saving to the photo library, even the ‘save photos’ option are turned on, try to double click the ‘save photo’ option to make sure it is turned on. See to it that you are using the latest version of the app. If your photos are not saving after adjusting the save photo settings, check if your phone still have storage space or restart your phone.

If you have an issue about seeing the wrong profile photo when you’re viewing a follower’s account, delete and re-install the app.

Photos shared to Facebook are not appearing in news feed, the developers already alerted Facebook to fix the problem. Which means this is an external problem, and not a problem of the Instagram interface.

For users running iOS 5 who cannot move their photos into the square crop box, tap the ‘choose’ button to automatically center your photo in the square box or zoom in the photo with a pinching motion, move the photo up, then zoom out on the photo to center it.

Contact Twitter’s Support team if you do not see your photos in Recent Images on Twitter.

If you see black bar that appears at top of photo, update your iOS to the latest version of the app.

If you cannot find your issues above, consider to follow the following Instagram Help troubleshooting steps: A lot of issues are simply resolved by restarting your device. If restarting your device cannot help you, try to delete and reinstall the app. Try to use this app both on WiFi and 3G to confirm if that problem is not related to a weak 3G or WiFi connection.

To make things better, Instagram Help offer some tips and tricks for the app:

If you want to combine multiple photos into one image, get the PicFrame ($0.99), PhotoShake ($1.99) and Diptic ($0.99) app available in the App Store. With those apps you can combine multiple borders of different shapes and sizes in one image, share a series of action photos in one image, mirror a single image to produce gravity gratifying photos or mind-bending, clone your subject, and many more!

A simple way to backup or export your photos is through the use of a tool Instagram API.