Instagram for Mac

Instagram has become one of the best and most sough-after apps for iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. If you haven’t heard about it before, Instagram is basically a photo-sharing app that you can share with everyone you know that uses social networking websites. In it, you will be able to take or use pictures and edit them to make the photos look more stylized and “artsy”. Of course, what would this app be if it didn’t have the capacity to share the photos you have taken and edited with the entire world? With Instagram, you can turn any old photo you have taken or new ones you just a while ago and turn them into very artistic pictures.


 Now, Mac users can now even use the features of the app has for their desktop computers. Of course, there really isn’t an app for Mac users but rather a third-party application called Instadesk. Basically, it is Instagram for Mac. It has all the same features that your iOS device has but instead of using a small screen, you will be using your Mac computer. Before you proceed to using this, do you have any experience with the actual app itself? If it is your first time being introduced to the world of Instagram, then you are in for a treat. Simply put, the app is like Twitter but solely for photographic purposes only. You will be able to be part of a community where you will have the chance to view other people’s pictures and even rate the ones they upload. That being said, all the pictures are turned into having that vintage look because essentially, that is what the app is for in the first place.

You can turn a boring picture of a ceiling fan, add the sepia effect to it and pass it off as a vintage, artistic photograph. Instagram has support for most social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter as well as Tumblr which makes it easier for you to share your pictures. Now, proceeding with the good part, you cannot always have your handheld device with you to view your Instagram. Sometimes you will be using your Mac computer and want to access the app but cannot since it is pretty much unavailable. This is where third-party applications such as Instadesk come in. Don’t be afraid: you can use your account and link it to the third-party app and still enjoy all the features in your iOS such as being able to “heart” or “like” photographs that your circle uploads.

What remains to be seen is if the developer will actually create an Instagram app specifically for Mac users and not just for handheld devices. In addition, it only supports the iOS and not Android users. Even with its limitations, Instagram is still a very popular application that is addictive and affordable. If you are just using the app for the first time or haven’t quite gotten around to using it, you are in for a treat!