Instagram Effects

Instagram is a photo app and social networking platform specifically designed for the mobile community. The app basically allows you to take photos, publish it on your Instagram account, and even allows you to share it simultaneously to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. While that description of this app already makes it very appealing, its real appeal lies primarily on the many photo filter effects it allows its users to utilize in order to manipulate the shots they take. These filter effects can be applied by just a tap of a finger on a mobile device. That tap can turn a seemingly ordinary photo into an image that may actually launch a thousand ships. Okay, that may be going too far. But the truth still is that with all the photo-editing features Instagram has, it is no wonder why it has become a smash hit in the mobile app world. This list should give you a picture of what these effects are and what they can do for your photos.

Instagram Effects


This is the default filter effect, which actually means that the photo will appear as you have shot it – totally pure and completely filter-free.

Early Bird

This filter effect adds a nice touch of blurred and faded colors within the yellow and beige palette. This makes it a nice effect to apply to interior shots that offer warm yellow lighting like in coffee shops and restaurants.

X-Pro II

This is a highly popular filter effect normally utilized by users when vacationing at the beach. Since the filter favors the green and aqua colors, it gives an awesome effect to shots taken at the beach or on a boat. The output will be warm with a touch of lightly saturated tones.


This is the basic effect likened to the common Sepia effect found in most digital cameras. It provides an artistic touch to a seemingly ordinary shot, especially when the colors of the subject of the background are brownish or purplish in hue. Many people like using this effect to take photos of coffee in cups.


This filter effect can transform a photo into a dreamy image filled with slightly blurred images. This is great for novelty shots, especially when there are a lot of greens and yellows in the frame.


For shots that have high exposure, this filter works well. It comes with corner vignetting, making it great shooting in an environment with a lot of light like the backyard or at the park on a sunny day.


This is an effect that gives you nice undertones in the brown and gray palettes.


This is a low-key filter that composes well with green and light gray tones. This filter works well when shooting canines.


This is simply a black and white effect.


A perfect effect for photos with a golden or yellow hue requiring a little touch of the fuzzy. Normally used for outdoor shots with a lot of sunlight.


This effect provides a washed-out effect, normally reserved for blues and off-whites.


This effect brings back the 70’s to your images. Mostly used for novelty shots that is highly popular on Facebook nowadays.

Lord Kelvin

If you are screaming retro, this is the filter effect for you.


Remember the images you got from the old film cameras, when every photo was printed off of film. Well, this brings that effect to your digital shots. It’s great for the ever-so popular nostalgic effect.

Aside from these filter effects, Instagram also provides user with a selection of borders that a user can add to any of his photos. The app allows a user to tweak photos using its circular blurring tool as well.