Instagram Blackberry

Android users have often found it inconvenient that there isn’t a version of Instagram for their devices. Blackberry users can now rest easy knowing that there is an app that is very similar to Instagram, in the form of Molome. This photo-sharing application is one of many that have been released for Android users but definitely the best one by far. If you are looking for an Instagram Blackberry alternative then look no further. Molome is similar in almost all aspects and also very user-friendly as well.

Now that you have become curious as to how the Molome (Instagram for Blackberry) works, you will first need to make an account by registering the app. It is quite easy to do so and once you are in, access will become unlimited. It is very similar to Instagram in a sense that you will also be able to see how many friends you have, pictures you’ve taken as well as the badges (likes) you have received. At the same time, you can also connect Molome to your Facebook or Twitter account for convenience.

Sharing photos is also made easier for Blackberry users with Molome. All you need to do is press the share button and this will give you access to your photo gallery or the option to take a new picture. However, that is not all there is to it. Molome gives you the chance to use your camera’s functions in order to take better photos. Unlike other apps that it is similar with, Molome will grant you access to turn on/off the camera’s flash as well as being able to switch modes and apply various filters to the photos. Once you are done taking pictures and editing, you can choose to upload it to the site or in one of the social networking sites you are using. Like Facebook, this Instagram for Blackberry users has a timeline as well. In it, you will be able to see all the photos you have taken and those of the Molome users in your circle.

In terms of similarities, Molome is just the same in a sense that you are able to take photos, edit them as well as share what you have taken in the process. However, in terms of the entire experience, it is very different from its predecessor. Of course, there are also some qualities that this app for the Blackberry has that make it worthwhile to download. For instance, the filters you can use to edit your photos have a wide range unlike Molome’s competition. Perhaps the biggest advantage for using this alternative to Instagram for Blackberry users is that Molome has a website you can go to which is very interactive. This means that you will be able to comment and browse on photos from other users, favorite some of them and even find other members of the site that you can follow. What makes it even greater is that you will also be able to interact with said members by using your Blackberry. You will not be restricted to the confines of your home computer when you use an app such as Molome.