How to Open Instagram on PC

When Instagram was created, it was designed to run only on Smartphones devices such as Android and iPhone. Because Instagram is so successful, various bridge companies started offering new solutions on how to use it on PC or generally on the world wide web. For instance, there are web based solutions and bridge apps you can use on your computer or Macintosh such as Webstagram that can offer you an almost Instagram-like experience which is web based. In this guide you will find out how to use Instagram on PC.

Using Instagrille to Run Instagram on PC or Mac

How to Open Instagram on PC

Before reading anything further, you might wanna check our recent article 5 ways to access Instagram on a PC to see the short version of things. Now, Instagrille (which is now called Pixsta) is perhaps one of the best solutions on how to use the app on your desktop. Pixsta, formerly known as Instagrille¬†is a new innovative app that will allow you to perform all of your favorite actions you did in the mobile app versions such as looking into profiles, liking photos, searching, sharing and joining feeds. That’s right, essentially use Instagram, but this time around not on your mobile, but rather on your desktop. Do note that in order to actually open an account directly you will have to use your smartphone, unless you want to install the “BlueStacks” software which will enable you to run the .apk file on your computer. To do that, just download BlueStacks to provide an “Android-like” environment on your PC and then download the original Instagram application and it will allow you to install it. Then you will be able to use the program directly on your machine.

Opening up an Instagram account

If you want to use the actual Instagram App, you’ll have to create it by using the mobile app. You can either install it on your iOS device or your Android phone, and then you’ll be able to log into your Instagram account through your PC, by using a bridge app such as Instagrille which is a mash-up of a desktop application and a web application. Through it, you will be able to use Instagram on PC. You will need to install “Pokki” which is a free platform that enables to run the web application on your desktop computer. Once you install it you are ready to start gramming away!

Signing into Instagram on your PC

After you have created an Instagram account by using the mobile app, you can log-in to Instagram through Instagrille with the same log-in credentials, and then virtually access Instagram on your computer. Instagrille will let you do pretty much everything you need when you use the original app, except uploading new photo. You will be able to like photos, follow users or comment on the photos you like. You can even share the good photos you find with your Twitter or Facebook friends and download them to your computer in PNG files.

The obvious advantage is not draining your Android or iPhone device browsing through the never ending stream of beautiful photos and interesting people. After reading this tutorial you will be able to access all the features the mobile app can offer you right in the comfort of your computer, plus you can enjoy the galleries of photos in a much bigger screen which is always a plus. Besides, you can always use the original app on your mobile device, and simply use the bridge app on your computer.